Speaking on a relevant issue and Showcasing “Exist” at the Indie Showcase during Casual Connect Asia 2014


I will be speaking on “Representing Real World Issues through the Medium of Games” and showcasing “Exist” as part of the Indie Showcase at the upcoming Casual Connect Asia 2014 held in Singapore from May 20-22.

“Exist” at Bit Bazaar Spring Fair 2014: Playable Demo & Weird/Cool Merchandise


Exist will be at Bento Miso’s “Bit Bazaar Spring Fair 2014 and will be for the first time playable for the public. In addition, there will be many weird merchandise related to the game for sale during the show. If you’re in Toronto around May 10, then make sure you don’t miss this!!

Text Only Comic — an experiment on form and structure of comics and prose


Text Only Comic” is the new entry on my ongoing series of experiments on form and structure this time on comic and prose. It also has a conscious fourth wall awareness of characters trapped in a comic that’s abandoned by its creator without any art.

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Prologue of my WIP dark comedy story “Mind Over Matter”


Mind Over Matter” is a WIP darkly surreal comedy I have been writing on and off for the past year. I have had trouble writing long-form fiction over the years and while I’ve hit plenty of writer blocks on this one, it’s progress has been consistent. Here, I share its prologue.

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Going Cyberpunk with “Bullet Soul Hacker”


Oozes with audiovisual style…..has a neat blend of mechanics” –IndieGames.com

Made within a week during Cyberpunk Jam, “Bullet Soul Hacker”  is an ultra-stylish fast-paced shooter/checkpoint racer where you transport into the bodies of enemies you kill taking over their weapons but also inheriting their strengths, weaknesses and their memories.

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Early Press Coverage for “Exist”

Exist was among Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s “Most Anticipated Games of 2014” 

I was also interviewed by Phillippa Warr for Wired UK and Ars Technica on the creative process behind Exist thus far.

The Process — An Interactive Development Blog for “Exist”

The Process” is an interactive devblog which covers my experiences while developing my first major project, the philosophical adventure based on existentialism and societal prejudice titled Exist”. It hopes to capture the trials and tribulations a new indie developer has to go through and describes the creative process through the means of interactive fiction.

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Official Site of “Exist” is now Live!

Official Site

Exist  is a first-person horror-adventure based on themes of existentialism and societal negativity that takes place in a surreal nightmare where the fears of your character and the world around us intertwine into an eerie atmosphere of unsettling truths.

Exist: IGF 2014 Teaser Trailer

Exploring a Soldier’s Guilt and the “Player-Character” Relationship in a Shooter

7DFPS To Shooter,With Guilt

Kill Screen Feature and Interview

Rock,Paper,Shotgun’s 7DFPS Top Picks

To Shooter, With Guilt” is a surreal but introspective first-person shooter that was made within a week during the 7DFPS.

You are a soldier and it is your moral duty and responsibility to kill the person in the *enemy* uniform.

A person just like you.

Combining bullet patterns and emphasizing movement and dodge while shooting, it combines FPS with bullet hell but doesn’t make it all simple.

Your dead foes come back to haunt you. Walking slowly to your position — every bullet you shoot returns back to you.

There is no victory.  You only survive for as long as you can. You will eventually die either by the bullets of your enemies, by your dead walking foes haunting you, or by your own bullets. There is no escape from guilt once you pick up a gun and kill someone.

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Woman : An Interactive Fiction on the Cultural Differences in Feminism”


It’s engaging, educational and an important effort” – IndieStatik

Interview about the making of “Woman”

An interactive fiction written with the purpose of embracing the diversity and understanding a foreign culture’s viewpoint. Two feminists — one from the West and the other of Islamic faith converse about the differences in their perspectives and opinions in a constructive and positive manner as you, the reader, as the third character channels the flow of their conversation onto different topics.

  • Meet different characters which represent some aspect or ideology of our modern society
  • Make decisions which may or may not alter the discussion
  • Understand different perspectives of the West and the Arab world in regards to women and their position in today’s world
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Experimental Game Prototypes

All these games were made during recent game jams and can be played for free.

7DFPS To Shooter,With Guilt

To Shooter, With Guilt is under development as part of the 7DFPS. It is a first-person shooter meets bullet hell where you dodge waves of bullets from your enemies. But one with a guilt-ridden conscience where your own bullets are also your enemies.

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Experiment #1: Anger is the first in a series of short prototypes which focuses on a specific emotion and gears all its mechanics and aesthetics in evoking that emotion in player.

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Into The Black was made under 8 days during Fishing Jam and it is a light/dark horror with psychological elements. Made with the purpose of combining disparate gameplay mechanics tied only by a unifying conceptual theme. 

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Life/Routine made under 48 hours during Ludum Dare 26 is a dynamic rhythm scroller with procedural music creation and adaptive difficulty adjustment dependent upon player’s actions.

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