The Interrupted Journey

July 11, 2014

“The longest journey Is the journey inwards. Of him who has chosen his destiny, Who has started upon his quest For the source of his being” Dag Hammarskjöld  For weeks, I had been absorbed by April Ryan’s adventure and enchanted by the sheer beauty of the worlds The Longest Journey had created — and now it was all drawing to a close. Even at the age of 10, I had experienced enough fictional stories in books, films and games to perceive when the threads began to coalesce and the world grew burdened with a heavy weight; waiting for you to relieve it. I had played enough adventure games to realize that when the characters began making that “final push” that would fulfill their destinies, it was a portent that your time in that world is drawing to a close. But then, something went wrong. At the grand stage of the concluding chapter, an unexpected event happens and then instead of resolving everything and going out on a […]


Deconstructing Louie

July 7, 2014

Comedy is at its best when it is followed by tragedy. Extend that analogy into the general vagaries of the thrill of happiness and the emptiness of sorrow and you might be onto something. Happiness is a transient emotion, an anomaly in the vacuum that exists inside our mind and it always gets sucked out. Always, that happiness is followed by an emptiness. The laughter with silence. “A temporary bandage on a permanent wound” – Pete Campbell, Mad Men It’s also said that comedy and tragedy go hand-in-hand which isn’t all too surprising considering the neural pathways that act on the stimuli of both those emotions are closely matched to one another. Tears of happiness, anyone? That often puts both the comics and dramatists enacting comedy and tragedy respectively on stage in a similar unique position. Both are capable of evoking conflicting emotions in their audience almost simultaneously and in doing so often leave them more susceptible to certain things they would find harder to accept otherwise. It’s not a joke when you see so […]


Year One

April 29, 2014

They say goals are capable of transforming your lives. I didn’t believe in it but the past year has made me into a believer. As someone who for large parts of his teen and adult life “went along the flow” of time by making decisions and doing things I was *supposed* to do, the last year (or the last two) have been really altered my general perspective, worldview on a lot of things including life. I have previously attributed a lot of the change to The Knife’s Shaking the Habitual so I’ll not reiterate that here again but I will say that while many of us believe pop culture consumption is a largely redundant and time-wasting activity, some of my biggest changes in perspective have been driven by these pop culture elements — particularly music. I’ll do a quick recap of what I learnt in my first year as a game developer — the important lessons and things that kept me driving. Let’s get started […]


Down The Up Line

April 26, 2014

A Docu-Game on the Post-Independence History of India  “Down The Up Line” is a magical realist adventure focusing on the history of post-independence India — its’ collective aspirations, divisions, prejudices, triumphs and societal perceptions across 67 years and tries analyzing exactly how the ties that bind the people of this incredibly diverse nation together have changed over the years. All of this is seen through the lens of the Mumbai local trains as it travels down the “Up Line” and into the past from 2014 to 1947 making stops at every station at different points in history — picking up passengers from each era — surreal pop culture icons, fractured mythological figures and allegorical representations of some of India’s most beloved and despised personalities. Play from the eyes of a passenger in a Mumbai local train, observing and subtly interacting with your fellow passengers in a manner that any commuter would be familiar with Explores the ties that bind India despite being a […]


A Perfect World

April 11, 2014

An interactive fiction on environmentalism where every action you take disintegrates both the world and the story’s grammatical structure a little….bit by bit. “A Perfect World” is a work in progress interactive fiction made using Twine where you are placed in a beautiful, surreal world that’s perfect in every other way. Except you. As you try uncovering the reason why you are the anomaly, every action you take will disintegrate the “perfect world” and the grammatical structure of the text slowly. “A Perfect World” is an experiment in form and structure with a twisted, but relevant message on environment and mental health.

In the Dark Forest

The Process

April 11, 2014

An Interactive Developer Blog on the philosophical adventure, “Exist” “The Process” is a five-part interactive devblog which covers my experiences while developing my first major project, the philosophical adventure based on existentialism and societal prejudice titled “Exist”. It hopes to capture the trials and tribulations a new indie developer has to go through and describes the creative process through the means of interactive fiction. Play/Read Now


Text Only Comic

April 1, 2014

Once upon a time… In a land far away… Wait, something feels amiss. “What do you mean?” Where are the dialogues? “Isn’t this a dialogue?” Was that a thought or a dialogue? “How can we know?” No speech balloons “Am I not speaking?” No thought clouds “Am I not thinking?” A realization dawned “There is no art here. No visuals” A wave of panic rises, They say: “But then how are we supposed to convey the story?” Another major sinkhole opens up in the empty space between these lines Someone whispers, “What story?” An uneasy silence ensues Here they were, trapped between a valley and a full stop. “How can this even happen?” No answer seemed believable “Maybe we are not yet supposed to be complete” “Maybe the artist forgot to draw us” Another gaping sinkhole opens up. “Maybe the artist never knew how to draw” The silence coiled slowly around their non-existent necks, slowly suffocating them Until someone among […]


Mind Over Matter: Prologue

March 21, 2014

Following is the prologue of a work in progress story I have been writing on and off for the past year Prologue The End I used to be young once. I couldn’t help but think the obvious as I stared at my own reflection in the mirror. The pain used to be there even then, but my unbridled optimism had pulled me out of the mire whenever I used to fall into it. I was less worn down by the world and life in general. My face was the living proof of that. Wrinkles and shallow lifeless eyes were all I had to show for all the years I had lived. Yet, despite the changes I had gone through, I felt my life hadn’t changed at all over the years. Everything I would try to do, I’d eventually realize the futility of it. Success or failure didn’t matter when my heart & mind wasn’t into doing what I was doing. […]


Bullet Soul Hacker

March 8, 2014

In the near future where corporate espionage has replaced rivalry between nations, corporate secrets are a popular target for many hackers. Among these, a new breed of AI melded into human consciousness has enabled these hackers to make a quick escape — embedding their soul into their bullets, they can hack into the body of anyone they shoot. They are Bullet Soul Hackers. “Oozes with audiovisual style…..has a neat blend of mechanics” – (Freeware Pick) Playable for PC on Core Mechanic: Shoot and kill enemies to speed your movement and to quickly transport into their bodies, taking control of their own weapons, strengths, weaknesses and memories as you race to the next checkpoint. Concept: Part shooter and a part checkpoint racer, Bullet Soul Hacker puts you in the shoes of an escaping hacker jumping from the vibrant skyline of a futuristic world that’s decaying from within.  An attempt to combine two diverse genres with a central mechanic which generates the rush of adrenaline common […]


Best of 2013: Television

February 15, 2014

It was a very important year for television for a number of reasons, prime among which was the fact that the mettle of streaming services turned production houses like Amazon and Netflix’s would be tested against the cable and network television heavyweights whose outcome would either hasten or delay the inevitable — the streaming services replacing the traditional TV. As it turned out Netflix had a stellar year (Amazon less so), churning out two incredible original series and hosting the much-anticipated return of an old favourite among its highlights. But even outside Netflix, TV was quickly changing with the coming of Sundance Channel & their trio of brave & experimental foreign imports backed by some innovative and fresh concepts courtesy BBC and iTV making 2013 one of the strongest year for non-American shows in recent memory. This coupled with the rising popularity of miniseries and anthologies suggested that the shift in the power structure of television was changing and it […]

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