Barter Friends Project Proposal

When the Social is a Shared Economy

Barter Friends is a mobile application which allows exchange of favors and tasks
among a social network of friends. Utilizing the age old barter system, Barter Friends
goes beyond money to the oldest form of capital, “social” value and utilizes it to allow
people to connect via familiar means.

With Barter Friends, you can create any task anytime specifying the means it might
require to be fulfilled (Phone, Text, Video or IRL, for an in-person requirement) which
can only be seen and fulfilled by your friends from social network APIs like Facebook
and Twitter. However, to ask your friend to do a task for you, you don’t pay them.
Instead, you negotiate a “like for like” barter exchange, helping them with another task
that they need.
In doing so, Barter Friends doesn’t only bring the social in age of technology to its
logical conclusion but also allows people to benefit from the same kind of technology
that might otherwise alienate them.
Part art-experiment, part-straight-faced joke, Barter Friends will be built on iOS for the
purpose of this class.

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