Horizons Update

Horizons, a collaborative project between me and Catherine Rehwinkel initially began as a project exploring a speculative semiotics but we eventually converged our interests in film and philosophy by moving to our current focus.

Exploring film language and the phenomenology in the way of how a viewer perceives and understands a projected screen, Horizons will be an interactive installation that will allow to deconstruct the familiar aspects of how we view moving images on a projected screen. We plan on situating this installation under the basement stairs of the main Tisch building, presenting it as a site of accidental discovery. By projecting it on a meshed fabric, we want to explore non-conventional projection materials that both reflect the luminosity of the projector and translucent enough to let it pass through the other layers.

By spatially segmenting the parts of a frame and then playing with aspects of each segment like play rate, Horizons hopes to invite its participants in understanding and playing with how we perceive the moving image and what possible connotations it has on our larger philosophical ideas.


Horizons is made possible by the Tisch GSO Interdepartmental Grant 2015-16.

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