for April, 2016

Reflection of Phases Past

April 14, 2016

This has been a very interesting class both in terms of learning about the processes involved in fabrication and practicing them but also the theoretical and historical framework that contextualizes the field. My interest in playing with the materiality of the 3D printed objects and its processes through CAD and CAM glitches seems to have reached a logical conclusion in the project I did for Phase 1. I believe there are aspects of practice I can continue to draw upon it but simply¬† doing MORE “cool” glitches and MORE option tweaking in CAM isn’t going to result in an interesting project. It will only result in me retreading on a ground where I have walked before. Instead, I want to incorporate something I learned from my Phase 2 research which is that 3D printing and the larger maker culture in its current form of neoliberal capitalistic policies isn’t going to dismantle the means by which we’ll be able to remove […]