About Me


b. 1992

Brooklyn / Mumbai

Ansh Patel is an interdisciplinary artist whose works range from experimental games, digital media installations, performances, visual art, network + data applications and surveillance interventions.

His work marries practice with the conceptual, exploring the processes involved in formulating both. His body of work in games comprises of short-form experiments that serve as critical deconstructions of a conventional aspect of the games industry, medium and culture. His digital media projects focuses on embodiment, performance, surveillance serving a critical response to sociopolitical issues and techno-utopian ideals by evoking the absurd. He is also a critic whose work has appeared in different literary and academic publications like Arcade Review, The New Inquiry, Model View Culture, Unwinnable and Paste Magazine.

By day, he works as a researcher and computer engineer at Columbia University’s Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience’s Spatial Navigation and Memory Lab.

Curriculum Vitae:


Works Exhibited and Performed

(in the order of most recent works)

Networks in the Anthropocene | 2016

       Radical/Networks, Brooklyn, NY

AnimalNet | 2016

       Radical/Networks, Brooklyn, NY

Vocal Graffiti Troupe | 2016

       Come Out & Play 2016, Brooklyn, NY

Trialogue | 2016

       People Powered: NY Internet Week @BHQFU, Brooklyn, NY

       Babycastles, New York, NY

       NYU Game Center, Brooklyn, NY

       A MAZE 2016, Berlin, Germany

Glitch Sculptures | 2016

       IDM Showcase, Brooklyn, NY

Horizons | 2016

       Tisch School of Arts, New York, NY

VOICES | 2016

       PlayTimesSquared @Times Square, New York, NY

Strangelands | 2016

       Babycastles, New York, NY

       A MAZE 2016, Berlin, Germany

Music in the Age of Digital Surveillance | 2015

       ITP Winter Show, New York, NY

Embodying the Panopticon | 2015

       Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, Brooklyn, NY

Playful Mesh | 2015

       Radical/Networks, Brooklyn, NY

The Pervasive Rhizome: Data Tracking Edition | 2015

       Radical/Networks, Brooklyn, NY

Play/Work | 2015

       Internet Yami-ichi, Queens, NY

Skype Heartbreak Show | 2015

       The Chimney, Brooklyn, NY (July 2015)

       NYU Game Center (May 2015)

       NYU Forum for Site-Specific Installations (April 2015)

Synchron Showdown | 2015

       Come Out and Play – After Dark under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass

Bullet Soul Hacker | 2015

       NYC Arcade

Agency? | 2015

       Hacking Habitat, Netherlands (February-July 2016)

       New Gamesgrounds, Netherlands (May 2015)

       NYU Game Center, Brooklyn, NY (May 2015)

       RPI Gamefest, Troy, NY (May 2015)

       Extending Play, New Jersey, USA (April 2015)

A Play of Colors | 2015

       NYU Game Center, Brooklyn (May 2015)

       NYU Dance Studio 1, New York (May 2015)

Resounding the City | 2015

       NYU Dance Studio 1, New York (April & May 2015)

Exist | 2014-15

       Indiecade East, New York, NY (March 2015)

       Casual Connect Asia, Singapore (May 2014)


Interactive Fiction Fund | 2015

       Awarded to make Postmodernist Trash

Tisch Interdepartmental Grant | 2014-15 and 2015-16

       Triple recipient for Horizons, Skype Heartbreak Show and Resounding the City

Talks and Publications

Radical/Networks | 2016

Gave a talk on the need for a speculative futures in art

Extending Play 3: Temporalities of Play | 2016

Presented a paper on remediation and narrative space across Roadside Picnic, Stalker, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadows of Chernobyl and the actual Chernobyl disaster.

AMAZE Berlin | 2016

Gave a talk on process-centric approach to creating and countering materialism in games with inter-disciplinary collaboration

Journal of Games Criticism | 2016

Published a paper on “Imperialism in the Worlds and Mechanics of First-Person Shooters”

Radical/Networks | 2015

       Gave a talk on decentralized identities and art projects on networks

Extending Play | 2015

       Presented a paper on post-colonial criticism of first-person shooters at the media studies conference

First Person Scholar | 2014-15

       Published a paper on the online portal on mental health issue representation in games within the horror genre

Casual Connect Asia | 2014

Gave a talk on political potential of games and Exist

Curation and Organizing

Derivative Weird Games: A Temporary Collection of Referenced Works | 2016

       Curated, co-organized the exhibition at Babycastles, New York

SPF8: An International altgames Exhibition | 2015

       Curated and organized the exhibition at Babycastles, New York

Different Games Conference | 2015 and 2016

       Organizing Committee for the 2015 and the upcoming 2016 edition at Brooklyn, NY


New York University Tisch School of Arts, New York, USA | Expected Spring 2016

       MFA in Game Design

Mumbai University, Mumbai, India | 2010-2014

       B.E. in Computer Engineering; Passed First Class

Written Criticism
Academic Papers
Selected Work Experience

Research & Computer Engineer, Columbia University’s Spatial Navigation & Memory Lab | July 2016-Present

Developer, Ability Lab at NYU | January 2016 – Present

Game Designer & Developer, CREATE Labs | March 2015 – September 2015

Research Assistant & Data Analyst, NYU Stern School of Business | October 2014 – January 2015

Staff Writer, Arcade Review | January 2015 – March 2016


Cybersecurity Workshop at Brooklyn Public Library | December 2016

Graduate Teaching Assistant, New York University | May 2015 – May 2016

VR Studio (Spring 2016)

Designing Games for Times Square (Spring 2016)

Development Studio 1 and Code Help Desk (Fall 2015)

Game Development Studio (Summer 2015)

Selected Press

Motherboard VICE feature on Agency?

    On the altgames’ movement of experimental games

Huffington Post on Radical/Networks projects

    On the mesh network project “Playful Mesh”

Kill Screen interview on Agency?

    On the experimental games series and its critiques on game conventions

Ars Technica/Wired UK interview on Exist

    On the premise of the game and its philosophy

RPS’ feature on To Shooter, With Guilt

IndieGames.com feature on Woman