Agency? is a collection of six experimental short-form games that were made over the space of two months. They are my exploratory attempts as a “developer-critic” at tackling the concept of player agency in games, by intentionally removing it in different ways. As someone who is disconcerted by the traditional idea of equating “choice” in games to the richness of the experience, these games are my response. They can be seen both as end results of a creative exercise and as a critique against such an idea. Agency? , in vein of many similar experimental games in recent years, seeks to deconstruct that notion and present games that lack significant player agency and raise questions on authorial control,freedom and different contexts of interaction.

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Showcased At:

Hacking Habitat (Netherlands, February-July 2016)

New Gamegrounds (Netherlands, May 2015)

NYU Game Center MFA Show (USA, May 2015)

RPI GameFest (USA, May 2015)

Extending Play (USA, April 2015)


Security Guard Simulator

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It’s your first day on your new job as a security guard for a truck agency. You hope you’ll last longer in this job as you try to keep your small dreams alive in a security state built on surveillance and tracking its citizens’ behavior.

Security Guard Simulator is an exploration of the state of a mind living under constant surveillance, while being a critique on the popular and formalist aspects of games that need to be fun and give player agency with a definite goal and a failure state.


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Encore is about the experience of being in the audience at the end of the show.

It is about the feeling of applauding a performance hoping for something more. It is about the feeling of being at the mercy of the whim and mood of the performer. It is about the feeling of communal joy and appreciation, while being held by a helpless hope for something more. It is about applauding not just for what came before, but what you hope comes after. It’s applauding hoping to delay the inevitable end — stepping through the Exit, once and for all.

It’s only about applauding and waiting for something that may or may never happen.

Perfect World

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An interactive fiction on environmentalism where every action you take disintegrates both the world and the story’s grammatical structure….bit by bit.

“A Perfect World” is a Twine where you are placed in a beautiful, surreal world that’s perfect in every other way. Except you.

As you try uncovering the reason why you are the anomaly, every action you take will disintegrate the “perfect world” and the grammatical structure of the text slowly.

An Open Field



Combining a personal, critical essay and an interactive piece, An Open Field explores questions of how we deal with our own mortality by gazing through the lens of death in videogames. In doing so, it opens up a cross-media conversation between the essay and the game, each inextricably linked by the themes and ideas that they were made on.

An Open Field’s essay is split into four sections — each representing one of the cardinal directions in the game space. The abstract themes being discussed in the essay gain a physical form inside the game.

An Open Field’s game explores the ideas expressed in the essay but subverts the concept of “virtual death”. Death can happen anytime — without rhyme or reason and it’s permanent and definite, pulling the player out of the game and permanently erasing it.



A selfie-narrative game where you construct your own impressions of a seemingly linear story through your own selfies and hashtags. Apply a variety of irrelevant filters to your selfies and append them with hashtags to try influencing opinions of random commenters and get more LIKES to influence the outcome.

Quietly observe comments ruin your mood video.

See your own decontextualized photos get plastered by nonsensical things over time.

One Button Poetry


Poetry and games have a performative element that’s integral to them. One Button Poetry is an exploration on the contextual framing of an interaction and the poetics of play using a single button.

It takes the idea of play as contextual performance and strips it down to the different ways we could interact with a single button based on what we see on the screen.

The question of “Is this a game?” is less important than “Why is my interaction important?”

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