Experiment #1: Anger

Genre: Action


Platforms:PC, Web(GameJolt)

Engine: Unity3D

NGF Awards 2013 “Student Category” Finalist
Brief Concept

The first in a series of planned experiments all of which are short prototypes made with a singular focus — to evoke that particular emotion from its player.

In the first entry in the Experiment series, Angeris the prime focus. All mechanics and visual and audio aesthetics of the game are geared towards evoking that specific emotion from the player without frustrating them.

Key Features
  • Fast-paced, ultra-violent action that relies on impulse kills fuelled by tension
  • Constantly decreasing health which can be refilled only by killing more enemies
  • “Friend or foe” tile system which depending upon its affinity can heal or damage player
  • Three bosses which demand diverse tactics from the player
  • Six weapons including an “environment” weapon
  • High-tempo industrial music which adds to the “anger” tone of the game
  • Visual and audio cues whose only intention is to fuel player’s anger
  • Timer-based scoring with leaderboards(GameJolt only)
Where You Can Play It:

PC Version (Standalone — No installation required)

Direct Link

GameJolt (Trophies and Scoreboard Enabled)


Anger 3

In Experiment #1: Anger,you play as a punk whose precious garden has been infiltrated by his enemies from the opposing gang. Your health is constantly reducing every second and you have to kill your enemies to replenish your health and survive.

“Heal or Hurt” Affinity Tiles

The game has a tile-system which depending upon its two affinities — friend or enemy, can either heal or damage you. The affinity is dependent upon for how long it is occupied by the player or the enemy.

The more you stand on a particular tile, the more does its affinity lean towards you and the more it shall heal you.

Challenge Galore

On top of a constantly decreasing health, you also have to contend with a variety of enemies’ attack that may not only interrupt your own attack but may also cause you to randomly drop weapons.

Every 30 seconds — a boss steps into the arena, shifting the game into the “Boss Phase”

Boss Phase

In the boss-phase, it is a one-on-one against one of the three bosses in this prototype.

The tile-affinity system goes haywire and randomly changes affinity thus constantly forcing the player out of their “safe zone”.


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