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Best of 2013: Television

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It was a very important year for television for a number of reasons, prime among which was the fact that the mettle of streaming services turned production houses like Amazon and Netflix’s would be tested against the cable and network television heavyweights whose outcome would either hasten or delay the inevitable — the streaming services replacing the traditional TV. As it turned out Netflix had a stellar year (Amazon less so), churning out two incredible original series and hosting the much-anticipated return of an old favourite among its highlights. But…read more

Best of 2013: Film

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This was a really good year for films and I say this in comparison to the past few years. What made this year great was that a lot of independent and arthouse films made good money from their box-office collections with Mud and Before Midnight being the cream of indie successes. But more than that, 2013 was the year that saw one of the most underrated genres — documentary — finally come of age and evolve into a unique form courtesy some very subversive works which bent the rules of the genre. 2013 also…read more

Twenty Two

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It feels as if you’re standing on the edge, on the precipice of something. It’s not something you know, for sure, but just something you feel.  Beyond where you stand today, everything important that you seek is shrouded in fog. Every question hidden in mystery, every circumstance of the future concealed behind an indistinguishable veil of time. The Edge The funny part is I’ve always had this feeling a few times before at different points in my life. The day I left the city where I’d lived the longest, the day…read more

Best of 2013: Books and Music

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Books I read a decent number of newly released books in 2013, which is surprising considering I spent a large amount of time in other activities but still that meant I came across a couple of gems. I present to you three great books — one is a left-of-center thriller, the other two being collections of eclectic short stories. All three are absolute must-reads, if you ask me. Bleeding Edge by Thomas Pynchon There’s no denying the kind of enigma Pynchon is in the face of modern literature. A mystery to many, he…read more

Album Review: “Reflektor” by Arcade Fire

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The lines between “indie” and “mainstream” are visibly blurred for some bands when they have transcended to a certain level of popularity. Especially, when like Arcade Fire, you were the recipient of the surprising, but deserving Grammy, you being called “indie” is pretty much reduced to being just a label. So, how does a band that once took so much pride in being the “outsider” in music circles deal with such fame and attention? Well, why not take the path a variety of great rock bands from the past took…read more

Nostalgia and Us

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Sepia filters, vintage hairdos, revival in interest of music genres that had died decades ago and our obsession with shows like Mad Men are just mere reminders that when it comes to emotions, there’s nothing we love renting space to in our consciousness more than nostalgia. Potentially powerful feelings which permeate in the form of remembrances of a bygone era seen through rose-tinted glasses that make us believe that things were so much better back then (when they actually weren’t). They often overlook the fact that despite the worries, we…read more

Album Review: “Shaking The Habitual” by The Knife

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There was a moment in time until a decade back when albums were meant to be consumed as a whole. Like a book, each song similar to a chapter, adding one piece to the overall picture with its’ own little story. I am aware that not all albums did that, but for almost every concept album like Pink Floyd’s The Wall, we had a statement of purpose like Neil Young’s Trans. Every album was made with a specific mindset — with or without an idea or a concept — and generally during a…read more

Book Review: Kafka on the Shore

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“Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart.” Haruki Murakami has for been for as long as I have been reading words written by him, a soul among         billions in this world, who understands the various mysterious pertaining to the fringes of the world and    what our subconscious mind perceives of things around us. You may call him my favourite author — and   that wouldn’t be a lie since I greatly admire his writing style — which both in…read more

The Mask

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  The Mask We wore our masks – the facades behind which we hid our true selves from the outside world. We never removed them in front of others. The mask was a chameleon, a shape-shifter – changing colours and forms evolving according to the will of our minds. It would enable us to shift from sympathetic friends to disdainful rivals in the space of moments. We lived in bliss with our masks on our faces, not caring what lay beneath. Why should we? What if whatever lay beneath was…read more

Game of the Year 2012: The Ultra Late Edition

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Greetings, For the final installment in the annual “Best of 2012″ series, I present to you the very greatest of the gaming from last year. This is the typical “Ultra-Late Edition” I have been doing lately, since I like taking additional time to play the numerous games which have piqued my interest over the last year, so I can give a proper opinion on what I thought was the supreme pick among them. It’s never that simple though… Where We Stand 2012 was a year which in the near future…read more