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Text Only Comic

April 1, 2014

Once upon a time… In a land far away… Wait, something feels amiss. “What do you mean?” Where are the dialogues? “Isn’t this a dialogue?” Was that a thought or a dialogue? “How can we know?” No speech balloons “Am I not speaking?” No thought clouds “Am I not thinking?” A realization dawned “There is no art here. No visuals” A wave of panic rises, They say: “But then how are we supposed to convey the story?” Another major sinkhole opens up in the empty space between these lines Someone whispers, “What story?” An uneasy silence ensues Here they were, trapped between a valley and a full stop. “How can this even happen?” No answer seemed believable “Maybe we are not yet supposed to be complete” “Maybe the artist forgot to draw us” Another gaping sinkhole opens up. “Maybe the artist never knew how to draw” The silence coiled slowly around their non-existent necks, slowly suffocating them Until someone among […]

The Mask

April 25, 2013

  The Mask We wore our masks – the facades behind which we hid our true selves from the outside world. We never removed them in front of others. The mask was a chameleon, a shape-shifter – changing colours and forms evolving according to the will of our minds. It would enable us to shift from sympathetic friends to disdainful rivals in the space of moments. We lived in bliss with our masks on our faces, not caring what lay beneath. Why should we? What if whatever lay beneath was inferior in comparison to the masks we wore? How would we face the world then? How would we face ourselves? Then came a time, in the midst of a flux, when one of us stumbled upon an object. This object lay in a remote corner of our virtual space. In this virtual space, the masks people wore gained strange powers. It unshackled them from responsibility curtailing their intentions behind a veil […]