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Text Only Comic

April 1, 2014

Once upon a time… In a land far away… Wait, something feels amiss. “What do you mean?” Where are the dialogues? “Isn’t this a dialogue?” Was that a thought or a dialogue? “How can we know?” No speech balloons “Am I not speaking?” No thought clouds “Am I not thinking?” A realization dawned “There is no art here. No visuals” A wave of panic rises, They say: “But then how are we supposed to convey the story?” Another major sinkhole opens up in the empty space between these lines Someone whispers, “What story?” An uneasy silence ensues Here they were, trapped between a valley and a full stop. “How can this even happen?” No answer seemed believable “Maybe we are not yet supposed to be complete” “Maybe the artist forgot to draw us” Another gaping sinkhole opens up. “Maybe the artist never knew how to draw” The silence coiled slowly around their non-existent necks, slowly suffocating them Until someone among […]

Mind Over Matter: Prologue

March 21, 2014

Following is the prologue of a work in progress story I have been writing on and off for the past year Prologue The End I used to be young once. I couldn’t help but think the obvious as I stared at my own reflection in the mirror. The pain used to be there even then, but my unbridled optimism had pulled me out of the mire whenever I used to fall into it. I was less worn down by the world and life in general. My face was the living proof of that. Wrinkles and shallow lifeless eyes were all I had to show for all the years I had lived. Yet, despite the changes I had gone through, I felt my life hadn’t changed at all over the years. Everything I would try to do, I’d eventually realize the futility of it. Success or failure didn’t matter when my heart & mind wasn’t into doing what I was doing. […]

A Clockwork Soldier’s Diversion

February 1, 2014

Preface This was written as part of a Creative Writing competition which I won during my first year of college. It was written during a round where we had to construct a short story/poem based on any two of the five fixed images: 1) A cat 2) A father and a son 3) A lake with a reflection of a dying tree 4) A young boy holding a yellow umbrella 5) A man in a suit staring into empty space I attempted integrating all the five pictures into the story and this was what came out of it. What Is It About? An everyday man breaks free from the machinations of his programmed daily routine and takes a diversion into the wild to “smell the roses” A Clockwork Soldier’s Diversion Time flows by like a river. We are like the fish in it. Too engrossed by the mundane trivialities of our lives that we never for once bother to see how […]

The Fall

January 21, 2014

Preface: The Fall is a short story that was written with an aim that it should serve the same purpose as a coin. A coin? Like a coin has two sides to it – this story has that too. One side that’s pretty obvious, the other which may not be immediately apparent. My objective with this was that once you figure out that other side,  reading the story again lends a very different meaning to those same words. What is it About? About the destructive nature of love and addiction. The Fall She was my bliss and my misery. She was a cause for both my joy and sorrow. She made me love my life, but she also made me hate my very own self. She was my best friend but was also my worst enemy. I loved her so much that I wanted to kill her –to remove her forever from my life. But the very thought of her […]