Down The Up Line

A Docu-Game on the Post-Independence History of India 

“Down The Up Line” is a magical realist adventure focusing on the history of post-independence India — its’ collective aspirations, divisions, prejudices, triumphs and societal perceptions across 67 years and tries analyzing exactly how the ties that bind the people of this incredibly diverse nation together have changed over the years.

All of this is seen through the lens of the Mumbai local trains as it travels down the “Up Line” and into the past from 2014 to 1947 making stops at every station at different points in history — picking up passengers from each era — surreal pop culture icons, fractured mythological figures and allegorical representations of some of India’s most beloved and despised personalities.


  • Play from the eyes of a passenger in a Mumbai local train, observing and subtly interacting with your fellow passengers in a manner that any commuter would be familiar with
  • Explores the ties that bind India despite being a diverse and largely conflicting culture by documenting people’s experiences from different eras
  • Indians from different era embark the same train allowing a common environment to explore the contrasts and similarities between them over the years
  • Captures memories of people living in different eras — the optimistic post-Independence decade, the tense wars in the 60s, the Emergency period, the buoyant 90s and the rampant commercialization and disproportionate development that followed
  • Documentary forms like cinematic essays, switching contexts, framed interviews as conversations and cutaways adapted for the medium of games
  • Static real-life photographed backgrounds with simplistic transition animations


Platforms: PC, Mac

Release: TBA