First Person Tweeter

First Person Tweeter is a browser based intervention game that situates player in a familiar first-person perspective within a continuous pseudo-3D environment constructed by scraping from Google Streetview images of universities across USA where gun shooting tragedies have occurred.
However, the player cannot control the game directly. Each time someone tweets in real-time under the hashtag #NRA or #gunrights, a shot is fired in each instance of the game.
In addition, a news clip from a shooting in that university obstructing part of environment from view in the current instance of the game. Every shot automatically opens a new browser window that loads up different instance of the game in a different university.
In order to prevent gun shooting and their browser from overloading, players will have to participate in bogus tweeting by triggering an automated script to flood the hashtags and drown their discourse with absurd and countering tweets.