Gliding the Stratosphere

A disruptive exploration of methods reinforcing digital aspects of surveillance
Consumer Bot



An automated Twitter bot that would remix complaints, lawsuits and negative customer reviews and target them to customer support services of companies that had voiced support for anti-privacy bills in the US Congress. Since, the central idea was an inquiry into whether “negative publicity” can serve as a sufficient deterrent to corporations in a capitalist society, these automated tweets were appended with trending hashtags to force these tweets as Trojan Horses into spotlight while simultaneously resulting in an absurd mix of tweets.

However, a critical introspection on my own methods made me realize that in attempt to automate bad publicity, I was also distressing the customer support employees, who were taking the direct brunt of my methods. I disabled the script and pursued another direction.

Freedom Pi


Inspired by Julian Oliver’s Glasshole, Freedom Pi takes the libertarian ideology to its parodic conclusion through a Raspberry-Pi Wi-Fi router that would kick out any devices manufactured by companies that had voiced support for anti-privacy bills in US Congress. By targeting the manufacturer-specific MAC address of devices, Freedom Pi would deny service to anyone who was supporting companies that were anti-privacy. However, this resulted in an amusing consequence as almost all major device manufacturers had voiced their support for such bills, resulting in a Wi-Fi network that could barely be joined by anyone.

Who is a Bad Corp Today?

badcorpA speculative reimagining of the past or ongoing privacy lawsuits major communication and information technology corporations had been implicated in and by making them interchangable, showcasing how similar the kind of violations they commit are.