Installed in the Tisch School of Arts (721 Broadway) basement from 14th April to 16th April 2016.

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Horizons is an interactive installation exploring the spatial and temporal qualities of film and screen while placing the participant’s eye within a projector. Arranged as a series of translucent screens spatially separated along the line through which they are receiving fragmented parts of a projection.

While performing a deconstruction of the “screen”, Horizons interrogates the philosophical truth of what we perceive when we look through the eye of a projector that’s merely an archived image of the past captured by a camera lens. It plays with not just the pace of the screen but the rate at which film plays, toying with how fragmented parts of the screen interact when they are temporally displaced from each other.


It allows the participants’ to explore the relationship between these different perceptive modes that are inter-weaved together in the filmic medium.