A dynamic rhythm scroller with procedural music creation and adaptive difficulty adjustment that depends upon player’s action. 

(made under 48 hours during Ludum Dare 26– April 27th-29th,2013)

Theme: Minimalism

Genre: Rhythm, Abstract

StatusPrototype(no further revisions planned)

Unique Features:
  • dynamic rhythm scroller
  • procedural music creation
  • adaptive difficulty adjustment based on player’s actions
  • minimalist art and music
  • abstraction of the concept behind its mechanics(explained in “Brief Concept” section)
Where You Can Play It:

Life/Routine can be played for free and is available for PC,Mac,Linux or it can be played directly on the web browser.


Brief Concept:

Life/Routine captures the duality of a life built around their daily routine. It describes both the calming beauty and the overwhelming claustrophobia that comes when you run the hamster wheel of the mundane routine. It captures the very essence of “familiarity” created by our own actions and how we can either fall in an endless pattern of a life of same beats or break free from it.



  • You either create objects or destroy them.
  • The objects will give out specific sounds when they touch the bottom of the screen and they become part of the pattern and repeat after a short point, very much like your daily routine.
  • Creating more objects results in more sounds and a more vibrant routine/music pattern but also makes the game difficult and more overwhelming(music can turn into noise).
  • Every “life” has a specific course and you will have to avoid racking up the “routine” bar by hitting the objects as that will bring a premature end to your game/life. Otherwise, the game shall proceed to its eventual conclusion.


  • Left-Click to Destroy
  • Right-Click to Create
  • Move around by moving the mouse
  • The difficulty is dynamic and it is dependent on player’s actions.The game will end after the designated time when the “life” bar is filled.
  • If you hit objects, the “Routine” bar will get racked up and you will meet a premature end to the game.Basically, about finding your way through the repeating daily routine of your life and still having a grip on your true self.

Press Quotes:

igmIGM’s “Indie Intermission of the Day–Life/Routine”

Life/ Routine is a very well thought out game that asks some interesting inward questions about life”

Development Diary:

  • Post-mortem blog that captures the developmental process of Life/Routine during the 48 hours