Networks in the Anthropocene

Reconstructing the future of networks and power through a speculative fiction
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Showcased at Radical Networks (4-6th November) in Brooklyn, NY

A speculative story of networks and how the anthropocene will affect them told through data, proposed network implementations and imagination.

Play through this year-by-year model of the world and make decisions on the macro-scale and observe how they will shape network infrastructure in the decades to come. Using existing models on network energy usage, submarine cable network and proposed infrastructure models for 5G and mmWave, Networks in Anthropocene jumps to speculative realm with the intent of sparking a creative, reconstructive imagination of how we might deal with problems we collectively face of shaping the networks of the future.

The carbon emissions and energy usage data is taken and modeled from actual sources to create a regression classifier that responds to the policy decisions the player makes.

Taking inspiration from speculative science-fiction from the 1960s Soviets that mixes both utopian and dystopian scenarios while building its visualization on existing climate change models, Networks in the Anthropocene wishes to ask us how the vectors of communication and thus power will be altered as the world belatedly prepares to deal with the problems we face in this epoch. Like the speculative sci-fi it’s inspired by, it seeks to both inspire imagination and awaken us to the realities we face.