Playful Mesh

Showcased at Radical/Networks (Brooklyn, NY) on October 24-25th
On Huffington Post

Wireless network and its architecture, to most people, is a pervasive but densely opaque and abstract entity that would be impossible to comprehend on their own.
Play has always been human culture’s aspect of simplifying and abstracting aspects about our real world into a temporary engaged experience out of which players emerge with a new-found look at the world around them.

Using similar ideas about play and its potential to bring an awareness about our immediate environment, “Playful Mesh” is a site-specific game that will be installed at MAGNET, the location of the event, that visualizes the free-forming connections of the mesh nodes being formed by the spatial movement of its players.



The game played by upto four players will be controlled directly by the number of active nodes in the mesh, their spatial location allowing them to form bonds with their nearest neighbor to allow them a greater power of expressiveness on the game’s abstract painting that’s projected onto the screen. As a result of which, players can start forming a direct connection on how their spatial relationship is being reflected in the mesh network, allowing them to understand basic aspects of connectivity albeit in a fun and playful way.