Postmodernist Trash

Postmodernist Trash is an interactive fiction and browser experiment which is an attempt to move beyond formal boundaries and environment within which we traditionally experience interactive fictions especially Twine games.

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A self-aware introspection on the relationship between the developer, player and the character, Postmodernist Trash deconstructs these roles while breaking fourth-wall through extra-diegetic interactions. It employs browser prompts, pop-ups, macro recursive chain-links and new tabs which branch into their own stories as some of the ways to change how we formally interact with interactive fiction.

The plot of Postmodernist Trash takes inspiration from trashy slasher flicks by placing player in a dystopian bizarro-world where murder used to be legalized but was recently made illegal. The people who couldn’t get over their “addiction” where treated as outcasts.
Postmodernist Trash was commissioned by Interactive Fiction Fund (IFF).