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Indie Prize 2014 “Most Innovative Game” finalist
Casual Connect Asia 2014 “Indie Showcase” Official Selection
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s “Most Anticipated Games of 2014″
  • Delving into potentially new questions for games to ask….has a very unique and interesting concept behind it” – Chris Priestman, IndieStatik
  • This is brave…would prefer thousand failures of this kind than the same old successes“- Niveloculto (Spanish)
  • It’s like no other horror game out there, and I think it’s themes are so important, so keep your eye out for this one” – PaperDroids


Included in The New School’s syllabus for “Dialogues on Feminism and Technology”

 “It’s engaging, educational and an important effort” – IndieStatik

Bullet Soul Hacker

“Oozes with audiovisual style…..has a neat blend of mechanics” – (Freeware Pick)

To Shooter, With Guilt

NGF Awards 2013 “Student Category” finalist

Rock,Paper,Shotgun’s 7DFPS Top Picks

  • A genius idea in both how it plays and the message it is attempting to give off” – Ben Barrett, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • Appropriately surreal….can upset your moral equilibrium” – Jason Johnson, Kill Screen


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