Perfect World

A degenerative glitch interactive fiction on  environmentalism and body horror, where every action you take disintegrates both the world and the story’s grammatical structure a little….bit by bit.

Perfect World” is an interactive fiction made using Twine where you are placed in a beautiful, surreal world that’s perfect in every other way. Except you.
It is the third part of Agency?“.

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Exhibited At:
Hacking Habitat (Netherlands, February-July 2016)
New Gamegrounds (Netherlands, May 2015)
NYU Game Center MFA Show (USA, May 2015)
RPI GameFest (USA, May 2015)
Extending Play (USA, April 2015)


As you try uncovering the reason why you are the anomaly, every action you take will disintegrate the “perfect world” and the grammatical structure of the text slowly.

“A Perfect World” is an experiment in form and structure with a twisted, but relevant message on environment and mental health.