Woman: “Choose Your Method”

Woman: “Choose Your Method”

Woman” is an interactive fiction where you read through the conversation between two feminists — one from the West and one from the Arab world as they walk       around a nameless city and meet a variety of characters which bring out some of the key differences between both the culture and how they view women and feminism.

You will be able to channel the flow of conversation and occasionally make decisions that may or may not alter the topics they may converse about.


Woman proceeds in a timed manner. With appropriate pauses and rushed words in form of real-time text transitions, so it has more or less a fixed period of one playthrough: approx. 40 minutes

For your convenience, there are three ways of “playing/reading this:

Method 1 — The Natural Way (Recommended)

This is experiencing “Woman” in its natural form. The passages play out in the manner they were written and you get to wholly experience both the intense and              thought-provoking discussions and debates and also the story enveloped around it.

Approx. Time to Complete: 55 minutes

 Start “The Natural Way”

Method 2 — The Way of Eternal Haste

This is an alternate way of playing/reading through “Woman”. There are links on top of each passage which allows you to skip forward to the “next chapter”. Each chapter has an appropriately titled name to give you an idea on what topic does it focus on.

This is definitely an inferior way to enjoy the interactive fiction but if time is a constraint or you do not have the patience to go through everything, only then I suggest you take this method.

Approx Time to “Finish”: 20-55 minutes

Start “The Way of Eternal Haste”

Method 3 — The Way of “No Time”

This is the third option for those who find the timer in the Method 1 to be too quick and wish to read at their own pace (recommended for slow and/or readers who wish to read it leisurely). It impacts the audio-visual part of it but I have tried addressing people’s demands to the best way I could.

Start “The Way of No Time”