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Published Work

Published Criticism
For The Arcade Review:

arcadereviewIssue #7 (January 2016)

On thecatamites’ Crime Zone, hierarchies of systemic power, police and identity through space

Issue #6 (August 2015)

On Nathalie Lawhead’s “Tetrageddon” and how it fits into Net Art’s long history of subverting our navigation through the Internet space

Issue #5 (April 2015)

On Andi McClure & Michael Brough’s “How to be a Great Artist in 10 Seconds” and the conceptual gaps between ideas and execution and how creative processes are shaped by the collaboration between the artist and the tools

Issue #4 (January 2015)

On  analyzing Stephen Lavelle’s “Slave of God” through its source code, critical theory, creator’s intention, games as black box structures and the significance of a game’s title. 

For The New Inquiry

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 1.08.27 PM

Namaste Inc.

On “Namaste” and the pursuit of the authenticity of cultural identity trapped within a globalized narrative

For Model View Culture

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 1.56.33 PM

Questioning the 3D Printing Revolution — Issue 36 (April 2016)

A critical perspective on the techno-utopian ideas of Fabrication Revolution and the continual erasure of the work of the underprivileged communities

For Journal of Games Criticism

Imperialism in the Worlds and Mechanics of First-Person Shooters

For Paste Magazine:


Selected Features and Reviews:

Kentucky Route Zero’s Musical Centerpiece and the Power of Choice

Analyzing Act III of KRZ and instead of providing more branching options, it provides player expressive power to paint their emotions on the canvas of its linear narrative

Virtual Reality and Mirage of Immersion

Critically examining VR and its potential

Gods Will Be Watching Review

Revolution 60 Review

Inside Unrest

Lichdom Battlemage Review

Unrest Review

 For Unwinnable:

unwinnableAn Open Field”, Unwinnable Weekly Issue 59

An essay about death, mortality and memories viewed from an ephemeral game

Definite About Its Purpose”, Unwinnable Weekly Issue 14

Death Mechanics of Crusader Kings II and how it benefits from the element of mortality it instills in its fleeting characters

For First Person Scholar

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.24.42 AMThe Malkavians’ World: Representation of Mental Health in Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines

Looking at mental health representation in horror games and how Bloodlines subverts and challenges many problematic tropes

For Next Projection:

Selected Reviews:

NYFF 2014 Review: Gone Girl

NYFF 2014 Review: Heaven Knows What

NYFF 2014 Review: Incompresa

“Inside Out LGBT Film Festival 2014 “Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine” Review

Techno/Human: The Films of Mamoru Oshii: Ghost in the Shell vs. Ghost in the Shell 2.0

TIFF’s New Wave Festival Review: “I Learn America”

Niagara Integrated Film Festival: I Am Not a Rock Star Review

Rocks in My Pockets Review

 Complete archive of my articles at NextProjection

For iLLGaming:


Selected Articles and Editorials:

Complete archive of my articles at iLLGaming

For Pixels Or Death:


Concept Games and Genre Definitions:  An exploration of the problems with definitions when it comes to game design and how it affects the medium as a whole (also featured on Critical Distance’s This Week In Video Game Blogging)


For The Broken Metronome:

Album Review: “Random Access Memories” by Daft Punk 


For Youth Incorporated Magazine:

The Benefits of Procrastination May 2013 Printed Edition (Volume 2 Issue 11) 

Best Time-Wasters May 2013 Printed Edition (Volume 2 Issue 11)

Beyond the Usual Suspects– June 2013 Printed Edition (Volume 2 Issue 12) 

Eye SpySeptember 2013 Printed Edition (Volume 2 Issue 15)

Critical Blog Posts Featured On the Web:
 On Critical Distance

The Space That Games Exist In” 

The Interrupted Journey” 

As an Editor:

Technical Editor for “FL Studio Cookbook” (Packt Publishing, 2014)

As an Academic:
Academic Papers

Was the “Editor-in-Chief” of the college magazine “Kshitij” for the academic year 2012-13.