Boot Camp Simulations

first-person narrative on violence and its legacy in a utopian future


four-part experimental game series interrogating player choice and agency


meta-simulation and critical commentary of the game industry in form of an interactive installation

A Perfect World

degenerative interactive fiction, where every action you take disintegrates both the world and the story’s grammatical structure bit by bit

Skype Heartbreak Show

interactive installation exploring the decay of a long-distance, romantic relationship through the filters of unreliable technology

Synchron Showdown

dancing battle on a light projected colored floor involving teams of two navigating trust through non-verbal communication


installation on the spatial and temporal qualities of film and screen while placing the participant’s eye within a projector

Resounding the City

performance on body language and the psycho-geography of urban spaces

A Play of Colors

digital performance between three dancers playing a game of live physical chess


exquisite corpse made with friends comprised of 6 interactable vignettes

New Dawn Fades

intermedia experience on memories and how they get molded by music


multi-perspective exploration of a surreal landscape

Meditative Anxiety

procedural audio-visual anxiety generator

Networks in the Anthropocene

interactive fiction that combines data and speculative theory to imagine networks and their infrastructure in the anthropocene


narrative performance constructed from live oncoming TCP/IP packets from the audience

Music in the Age of Digital Surveillance

browser extension that augments melodies to your browser experience based on web cookies tracking you

Bullet Soul Hacker

cyberpunk shooter masquerading as a checkpoint racer where you inhabit body of every enemy you kill

Looking Glass

virtual reality experience exploring the paranoia and lack of agency by putting the player into the headspace of the surveillant and the surveillance cameras

Embodying the Panopticon

virtual reality performance which interrogates the modern state of surveillance through embodiment

An Open Field

essay and interactive piece meditating on death and memories


experience of being in the audience at the end of the show.


conceptual game about the ritual of making your game for Global Game Jam 2016

To Shooter, With Guilt

first-person shooter that explores the player-character relationship in the context of guilt

Security Guard Simulator

first-person game about the exploration of the state of a mind living under surveillance

Chile, 1988

board game on political campaigning based on the 1988 Chilean national referendum

The Hare's Bride

board game involving four-players taking turns asymmetrically based on a Grimm's fairytale

Digital Performances

4x4 Satan

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